In New Age spirituality, the Universe is divine and the Earth is sacred. From earliest times, religions all over the planet have been intimately connected with Nature. Many natural objects, as well as animals, were considered sacred. In the Egyptian mythology, many gods were depicted as animals--birds, cats, crocodiles, and many others. Animals were believed to be living manifestations of gods. The Native American religions, in their multitude of traditions, regarded the natural environment as holy. Ancient religions on all of the Earth's continents and islands were intricately and intimately intertwined with Nature.

The New Age kaleidoscopic beliefs include many forms of Nature worship: Neo-paganism, Pantheism, Wicca, Gaia, Shamanism, Animism, Druidry and others. The word pantheism comes from the Greek words pan which means all and theos which means god. The word's full meaning is all is God. The words animism and animal come from the Latin anima which means soul.

For people of all religions, the beauty of Nature is a source of serenity and inspiration. The many faces of Nature--the immense view from the top of a mountain, the stillness in the deep forest, the singing of birds, delicate flowers, the majestic sight and sound of waterfalls, all inspire feelings that transcend and mitigate the day-to-day disquiet of modern life and revitalize the mind and soul. A magnificent mountain or the night sky can invoke emotions as spiritual as the ones experienced in a church or temple.

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