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Serenity Health

features an enormous selection of stunning water fountains, relaxation clocks, incredibly comfortable hammocks and other high quality relaxation and stress relief tools. Great products, low prices, easy online shopping and friendly customer service! We are showing you a couple of our favorites here and encourage you to follow the links below to see all of their truly beautiful and functional items.

Fountain / Rock Pond - Sand

Fountain / Rock Pond - Sand

You will love the magical (very audible) running water sounds of this stunning fountain. They include a gorgeous glazed ceramic base, brimming with a perfect assortment of exquisite multi-colored stones. These stones are specially chosen to complement the color of each ceramic base.

Fountain / The Waterbell

Fountain / The Waterbell

Our Woodstock Water Bell fountain stands out as one of the most unique and beautiful fountains to be found anywhere. It combines soothing, gentle flowing babbling brook water sounds with equally soothing, deep, subtle, beautifully toned woodstock chimes and bells. The result is an extraordinarily relaxing experience. Excellent for indoor or outdoor use.

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