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The tradition of illuminating the home during the holidays dates back to the dark ages when yule logs and winter solstice candles would be lit to summon back a fading sun.

Gaiam's Solar Holiday Lights turn that custom on its head by using the sun itself to provide their power! A solar cell charges them during daylight hours and a photo cell turns them automatically on and off at dusk and dawn to help you sustainably celebrate the season.

Solar Holiday Lights


Solar-Powered Wreathicon

TreeMendous Christmas Gift Ideas

A Christmas gift for a friend... and a priceless gift for the environment...

Tree Givers will plant a tree and send a special certificate to the recipient. You can place orders thru December 21st.


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Incense Sticks Yule 100pk
Yule Incense Sticks, 100 pack
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Yule Incense Cones, 100 Pack
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